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How Nonprofits Can Automate Client Document Generation

March 6, 2023
Min Read

For nonprofit organizations like The City of Boulder’s Housing and Human Services department, creating change in the lives of the people they serve is a singular focus. Employing an efficient data management strategy can free up administrative time and energy to help them do just that.

This video showcases how they use Formstack and Exponent Partners’ tool Exponent Case Management (ECM) within Salesforce to improve data collection, sharing, and storage. Learn how to collect information from clients with an embedded form and automatically generate client documents, like an official certification letter. 

Did you know? Exponent Partners is one of our many partners. If you work for an agency, consulting firm, or software company, learn more about becoming part of our Formstack partner community


It should take less than 10 minutes to set up the initial form and no more than 15 minutes to set up the rest of the workflow.


This workflow is built with Formstack Forms, Formstack Documents, and ECM within Salesforce.


  1. Build your form. Opt to mark fields as required so you never have to worry about reviewing incomplete submissions.  
  2. Create your systems. Login to Salesforce and ECM to connect your form to your preferred client account. In this example, we’re sending form data to Formstack Documents to generate an official letter.
  3. Start sending letters! It’s that easy to start automating your daily business processes. 

Improve Client Data Collection 

This workflow will give you and your team more time in your day to focus on serving clients, as well as help you support multiple programs within your org. Skip the manual data entry, copying and pasting, and back and forth emails by automating your document generation today.

Want to build this workflow for your own organization? Connect with a Formstack expert now or reach out to Exponent Partners to set up a consultation


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