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Meet Formstack’s Customer Success Enablement Manager

Lindsay McGuire
February 16, 2023
Min Read

Have you ever watched a Formstack walkthrough video? Or received helpful onboarding advice in an email after purchasing a product? If so, it is highly likely you’ve read or watched content produced by Ryan Jorgensen. 

As Formstack’s Customer Success Enablement Manager, Ryan focuses on crafting content that helps our customers get the most out of Formstack products. Read on to learn more about his role, his favorite Formstack features, and his 2023 customer content plans. 

What Does a Customer Success Enablement Manager Do? 

In short, Ryan’s role involves creating the very best product-focused content for customers. He describes his role as being “focused on designing, developing, and maintaining customer journey-related programs, whether that's webinars, on-demand videos, our certification program, or email campaigns.”

Ryan’s passion is helping Formstack customers learn more about the powerful products in their tech stack. “I want to make sure that our customers have all of the necessary resources they need to be successful with our products.”

He does this through working on onboarding content, developing customer webinars, and recording videos for Formstack’s help site

Wherever there are product education gaps, Ryan tries to fill them. He works alongside our Customer Success, Product, and Marketing teams to ensure our customers have the content they need to be successful with our products. 

Why Is This Role Important for Customer Success? 

Although he’s been a Formstack employee for more than six years, Ryan is still somewhat new to the role of Customer Success Enablement Manager. He moved into this position about a year and a half ago after serving in a traditional Customer Success Manager role

“During my time as a Customer Success Manager, I had the opportunity to create a few videos and articles to help streamline the customer journey. I think we saw an opportunity to have a role that solely focused on improving the learning experience after seeing how much of an impact the materials I created could have.”

Why is Ryan’s role crucial to customer success? “There was a recent stat from Harvard Business Review that really stood out and resonated with me: 81% of all customers attempt to take care of issues themselves before reaching out to a rep. My role is really focused on how we can reduce any kind of friction and ensure our customers are getting the full value of our products,” Ryan shared. “So whether it’s for an existing customer or someone who's brand new to Formstack, we really see the value in having more dedication to this effort.” 

His passion for customer education is clear in the videos he creates. He acts as a guide to all Formstack customers, whether they use Forms, Documents, Sign, or Formstack for Salesforce. His videos make learning more about Formstack products simple and engaging. For instance, his Forms 101 video below makes it incredibly easy for anyone to learn how to build a form in Formstack. 

What Can Customers Expect to See in 2023? 

One of Ryan’s big goals this year is to craft a variety of content that can address the needs of Formstack’s diverse audience. “I want to create more options to learn our products at a pace that suits any organization size,” Ryan shared. “I’m going to create webinars that cover getting started with the product as well as ones focused solely on specific use cases or features that take a little bit more time to understand.”  

He’s excited about the range of topics to come in customer education this year. “I want to make sure that we're working with customers, and we can advocate for them,” he explained. “We want to put content in front of them in a way that works for how they like to learn.” 

Another area of focus for Ryan this year is continuing to expand Formstack’s Certification Program. “We are going to expand our certification program and make it a more interactive experience. There are just so many different ways that we can improve the learning experience for our customers.” 

What Are Your Favorite Formstack Features and Tips? 

Since Ryan has more than six years of experience under his belt, we thought it’d be great to explore his favorite Formstack products, features, and tips. 

Overall, Ryan believes Formstack’s ability to adapt to a customer’s needs is the most powerful feature of the platform. “Formstack is incredibly scalable. It can go from something really simple, like a contact us form, to something a lot more complicated, like a multi-step process for an application workflow,” he explained. “The way the products interact with each other and watching them continue to improve and expand has definitely been a career highlight for me.”

When it comes to Formstack features, Ryan has a few to share. After spending so much time embedded in our products, he has an incredible breadth of Formstack knowledge. Here are just a few of his favorite Formstack features, tips, and best practices.

Use Save and Resume. “I like the combination of Save and Resume plus the progress bar. I think if you have a super long, multi-page form, it's a great way to give users the option to complete that form at their own pace.”  

Add in Smart Lists. “Smart Lists can potentially save you so much time, especially if you're working on multiple forms that use the same list. Without Smart Lists, you would need to make multiple edits. But now you can just make one edit in one place, which saves you so much time and effort.”

Here’s Ryan explaining how to set up your first Smart List: 

Rely on Field Prefill. “I really like any feature that's going to save you a bunch of time. Field Prefill allows you to combine Formstack with your SSO provider. This will pull data from your SSO provider and auto-populate it into your form.”

Get to Know Ryan 

You’ve learned all about Ryan’s role, how he plans to expand customer education in 2023, and his take on Formstack’s best features. So now it’s time to learn a bit more about who Ryan is outside of work.

“I live in Toronto, Canada—right on Lake Ontario—with my wife Joanne and our 3-year-old Corgie named Sterling. We love to travel. In my spare time, I’m usually working on a backlog of photos from our previous trips or trying to learn a new instrument. I originally learned bass guitar, and then every couple of years, I hear something and wonder how difficult it is to learn. Then I’ll just try it out.” 

So far, Ryan has “tried out” guitar, violin, drums, harmonica, piano, and accordion. When he’s not busy with photography or instruments, he’s out exploring his local food scene. “We're always trying to find new food spots here in Toronto. So if anyone is ever visiting, and there's a specific type of food they love, I will for sure give them some recommendations.” 

Get to Know Formstack: Check out our Instagram for more insights into the teams who make Formstack run! 

Customer Education Starts Here 

Ryan’s passion for customer education is clear in the videos he records and the content he creates every day. We’re grateful for his dedication to educating customers on how they can get the most out of their Formstack products. We’re excited to see what webinars, videos, and certification programs he puts together this year. 

You don’t have to wait for Ryan’s new content to level up your Formstack knowledge. Check out all of our customer webinars to discover even more Formstack tips, tricks, and best practices. 


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Lindsay McGuire
Lindsay is the Content Marketing Manager at Formstack, splitting her time between creating blog content, writing reports, and hosting Formstack's Practically Genius podcast. She's a proud graduate of the University of Missouri School of Journalism (MIZ!) and loves connecting with others on LinkedIn.
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